U.S. Crop Science

Who We Are

Farming is hard work, but with the right values and people, anything is possible. Bayer brings the sharpest minds together to dig deep and advance farm technologies that benefit American farmers, future growers, their communities, and the earth.  


Our people and our principles make lives better, harvests more generous, and the rural heartbeat of America even stronger. 

Team Bayer

More than Scientists 

Agriculture goes beyond sterile labs and testing tubes. To innovate in the most useful way possible, we know we need to understand farming to its core. And who better to live up to that need than farmers themselves? Bayer proudly employs seasoned farmers and FFA alumni at every level who bring their own farming passion and expertise to every solution we build and deploy.

Bayer Employee, Tim Fredericks explains why he’s committed to scientific innovation at Bayer.

Bayer Employee, Tim Fredericks explains why he’s committed to scientific innovation at Bayer.


The Farmers and Scientists Who Make Bayer

Who are the people of Bayer? They’re hardworking people like you who know just how important it is to produce more with less. From agronomists to commercial operations to finance, our team knows what it’s like to live in work in the world of agriculture.

Guided by Unshakeable Values

At all levels, we continuously strive to exceed expectations in ways that shape and grow farmers’ operations. That’s why the backbone of Bayer is built on our LIFE values: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility, and Efficiency.


Times change, Our Values Don’t

The agriculture industry is built to serve people. Bayer honors this tradition of service through its 150+ years of unshakeable commitment to our core values: leadership, integrity, flexibility, and efficiency.  


Leadership: Agriculture touches everyone, and so what we do today can make a big difference tomorrow. We realize that responsibility by leading the field in agriscience and helping ag youth realize their potential as future ag leaders. 

Integrity: Farming is honest work, done best by honest people. From the sustainable solutions we produce to the community ties we support, Bayer works diligently to bring integrity to every interaction. 

Flexibility: Bayer understands that fields constantly change. So, we must change with them to help land reach its full potential. Bayer meets farmers’ dynamic needs by tailoring solutions to the ever-changing needs of our customers’ land. 

Efficiency: Farmers face growing pressure to keep up with production and environmental demands. But there’s only so much time in the day to get everything done. Bayer works efficiently so we can get farmers sustainable solutions as quickly as possible.