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Bayer is committed to fostering transparency in its financial relations with healthcare professionals and organizations and believes that it creates trust in the pharmaceutical industry.

Healthcare Professionals: A Highly Regulated Relationship

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When collaborating with medical experts, we comply with all applicable laws and regulations that outline the interactions between industry and healthcare professionals, e.g., healthcare laws and industry codes. Additionally, these rules are amended by different transparency/disclosure regulations, such as the Sunshine Act in the U.S. and various local legal reporting obligations. And we fully respect the independence and integrity of these professionals. 

United States Transparency/Disclosure Obligations

Lifecycle of a Reportable Transaction

As a pharmaceutical, device and biologics manufacturer operating in the United States, Bayer is required to gather, analyze and submit to various government agencies certain information about our interactions with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and healthcare organizations (HCOs). 


The Federal Sunshine Act requires that we disclose to the federal government those “Transfers of Value” provided to U.S.-licensed HCPs and certain HCOs, including fee-for-service agreements, costs for meals, and travel and others.

Some U.S. states and cities also have transparency/disclosure laws that are additional to those outlined in the Federal Sunshine Act. The Sunshine Act takes precedence over state laws requiring reporting of the same type of information.

To see what is reported to the government, visit the CMS website

Implementing the EFPIA Disclosure Code

Implementing the EFPIA Disclosure Code

As a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and in line with our company values, we fully endorse the EFPIA disclosure code.  In accordance with this code, Bayer will disclose payments as well as benefits in kind to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations on global and local Bayer websites.