Pharmaceutical Division

Commitment to Advancing Health for All


Millions of Americans are living with unmet health needs. At Bayer, our focus is to discover and develop medicines that provide the opportunity to live a healthier life.

That’s why we’re continually expanding our pipeline portfolio in oncology and cardiovascular care, developing new approaches using cell and gene therapy, and delivering more options to help women make informed decisions about their health. Our portfolio also includes a long history of development in hematology and radiology.


We are bringing forth new treatments and making investments in many disease areas. Yet, our work doesn’t stop in the lab because innovation alone isn’t enough. Bayer is committed to addressing issues that create barriers to access optimal care. We know that every positive health outcome begins with a commitment to focus on the individual.


Each day, we are joining scientific and human approaches to create a complete focus on improving health for all Americans.

biotechnology innovation

Biotechnology Innovation


Digital insights and cutting-edge science are changing how we understand human health and revealing new solutions we never thought possible. We’re harnessing data and science at an unprecedented pace, developing new therapies that address disease within cells and genes. Our researchers use personalized medicine to unlock medical innovations for untreatable diseases that affect countless Americans. We’re also focused on ensuring that the people who need them have access to these breakthroughs by developing processes to manufacture these medicines at scale.




Collaborating to Cure


America’s health challenges are always evolving—and no one can address them alone. At Bayer, we collaborate with the best and brightest minds who share our passion for advancing standards of care to address critical unmet healthcare needs across the United States. We’re making investments and building partnerships to reveal new paths that deliver the right treatments to the right patients at the right time.

cardiovascular care


Transforming Cardiovascular and Renal Care


Nearly half of adults in America are affected by cardiovascular diseases (CVD), and it remains the leading cause of death in the United States. By putting people at the heart of every breakthrough, we’re evolving how we diagnose and manage cardiovascular and chronic kidney disease (CKD)—two interconnected diseases that affect millions of Americans and significantly impact public health. We’re devoted to continuing our legacy of advancing successful therapies to address evolving medical needs and ensuring equal access to treatments for all Americans. We seek to engage physician and patient communities across the United States more effectively, particularly with advances in digital technology.



Expanding Our Expertise in Oncology


Significant advances have transformed treatment options for patients, but cancer is still the second leading cause of death in the United States, highlighting the need for new and daring approaches for how we treat cancer. Several of our research projects in development focus on innovative approaches like oncogenic signaling and targeted alpha therapies. Many of our projects are showing potential to provide new, first-in-class treatments in areas with high medical need.

women's health

Enhancing Healthcare for Women


We have a strong legacy and commitment to make bold moves that benefit all women. Today, women across the United States face growing threats to their health and choices for family planning. That’s why we constantly work to advocate for and support women with access to the products and resources they need, including women living in underserved communities throughout the nation. Through living our purpose, We’re for Her, Bayer is going beyond to build a future for—and alongside—women.



Supporting the Hemophilia Community


From our inception, Bayer has been a leader in treatments for hemophilia A with strong relationships in the hemophilia community in the United States. Our commercial hemophilia products that reach patients around the world are made in our facilities in Berkeley, CA. We have products on the market in the United States to treat and control bleeding, and we are investigating specific gene therapy approaches.



Advancing Diagnostics in Radiology


Understanding disease begins with the diagnostic process. Bayer has helped to guide diagnostic care for more than 30 million Americans over the past year. We provide world-leading diagnostic imaging solutions and a portfolio that includes medical devices, contrast media and integrated Radimetrics dose-management software for radiation dose and contrast dose to support diagnosis of medical conditions.