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Cotton in Lubbock Texas

In Texas, Bayer works to shape agriculture through breakthrough innovation to benefit farmers, consumers, and our planet. We harness cutting-edge agricultural and environmental innovations to deliver on our collective purpose: Science For Better. 

Over half of the cottonseed planted in the United States is processed at the Bayer Lubbock Texas Cottonseed Manufacturing site. Deltapine® cottonseed is raised in four growing locations; Arizona, California, Texas, and Mississippi. The raw seed is relocated to Bayer, Texas, for quality testing and processing, and then the finished product is distributed to dealers across the cotton belt for growers to plant.


Our Goal: To be a safe, efficient, and reliable supplier of the highest quality seed to meet our customers’ demands.


Bayer in Lubbock Texas


Home of the Cotton Center for Excellence

Our Quality Testing Lab focuses exclusively on testing cottonseed and through partnership with representatives across Bayer including Manufacturing, Innovation Science & Engineering, Supply Planning, Product Management, Seed Physiology, Production Research, & Quality Assurance form the Center of Excellence Team (C.O.E.). This team focuses on executing experiments and data analysis meant to deepen our understanding of cotton quality and bring continuous innovation to both our Cotton Quality Testing and Manufacturing organizations maintaining our position as industry leaders in both spaces.


Bayer in Lubbock Texas



Our business success in Texas is due to our employees' knowledge, skills, and passionate commitment to making a positive difference for Texas communities and beyond. Bayer recognizes that sustained success is only possible if we create a working environment that allows all employees to utilize their talents fully. Therefore, we value diverse perspectives, celebrate our employees' accomplishments, and provide ongoing training and professional development opportunities.


Bayer in Lubbock Texas


We are proud to be a part of Texas agriculture and committed to being a good neighbor and steward of our farms. We offer free tours and presentations, contribute thousands of hours in volunteerism, and support a range of educational, community, and charitable endeavors through partnerships and giving programs.


Bayer in Lubbock Texas

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Bayer offers an exciting range of employment opportunities, no matter where your professional interests lie or your career path.

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The Bayer Lubbock team currently provides tours of our facility to community leaders and organizations, educators, school groups, and those interested in learning more about cotton. To request a time, please fill out the form below.

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Bayer in Lubbock Texas