Solutions for a Better Future

Bayer scientists in a lab

Our investment in innovative breakthroughs is unmatched. With our diverse approach spanning agriculture, medicine, and self-care, we aim to enrich the lives of all Americans. 

A Bayer scientist working in a lab
Video: A new era of discovery

Have you ever thought about how innovation can drive change, particularly in tackling some of the world's most pressing issues like climate change, an intricate global food system, and incurable diseases? With science and breakthrough innovation, we can fundamentally change the way things are done. Let's explore how breakthrough innovation can shape the future of healthcare and agriculture and the role that Bayer plays in this era of discovery.


For over 160 years, Bayer has been dedicated to innovative scientific research and development to solve some of the most critical global challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental science. In healthcare, our focus is on developing novel therapies for previously incurable diseases like gene therapy for rare genetic diseases. We are also investing in immunotherapy for cancer and developing new treatments for heart and lung diseases. In agriculture, we are committed to improving food security and sustainability through innovative agricultural technologies such as regenerative farming and biotechnology.


Through our innovative research and development, Bayer aims to make a positive impact on society and improve the lives of people worldwide. What if we could feed our growing population while using fewer resources? What if we could not only treat but stop or even reverse disease? The speed at which we can answer these questions and ask new ones is accelerating. Data science and life sciences are coming together in our labs, fields, and in the passionate minds that work at Bayer to drive breakthrough innovation.