Driving Positive Change for People and the Planet

Breakthrough Innovation: The Convergence of Life Sciences and Data Science

Have you ever wondered how innovation drives change, especially when it comes down to tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges like climate change, a complex global food system and incurable diseases? With breakthrough innovation we can fundamentally change the way things are done.  Let´s explore how breakthrough innovation can shape the future of healthcare and agriculture, and what role Bayer plays in this age of discovery.

For over 150 years, Bayer is dedicated to innovative scientific research and development to solve some of the most pressing global health challenges in healthcare, agriculture, and environmental science. In healthcare, we are focused on developing novel therapies for previously incurable diseases such as gene therapy for rare genetic diseases. We are also investing in immunotherapy for cancer and developing new treatments for heart and lung diseases. In agriculture, we are committed to improving food security and sustainability through innovative agricultural technologies, such as precision farming and biotechnology.


Through our innovative research and development, Bayer aims to make a positive impact on society and improve the lives of people around the world. So what if we could feed our growing population while using fewer resources? What if we could not only treat but stop or even reverse disease? The speed at which we can answer these questions, and ask new ones, is accelerating. Data science and life sciences are coming together in our labs, fields and in the passionate minds that work at Bayer to drive breakthrough innovation.

Green field with corn plants, on it a picture of a person working in the laboratory, and in capital letters the inscription innovation
The Convergence of Biology, Chemistry, and Data Science | Breakthrough Innovation Forum

Feeding People, Protecting the Planet

Can we improve the structure of plants to help them survive drought, flood, wind, and other weather events?

At Bayer, we are forging a path towards more sustainable, healthy and resilient food systems while helping farmers create better harvests with less land, water and energy.

Transformation of agriculture depicted by a field surrounded by dark, ominous clouds and a tornado skyline in the center frame, surrounded by a frame of dry earth and sparse greenery.
The Transformation of Agriculture | Breakthrough Innovation Forum

Redefining the Limits of Healthcare

We believe that targeting a disease at its root cause will enable us to move beyond managing symptoms to preventing, treating, and potentially, even reversing diseases. This will fundamentally change how we think about health, offering more sustainable options for people, healthcare systems, and society as a whole.

At Bayer, we are driven to push the limits of what medicine can do today. Our commitment is to accelerate the promise of advanced therapeutics such as cell and gene therapies or precision medicine into tangible treatments that will dramatically improve lives, making sure that the right option reaches the right person at the right time.

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A New Age of Innovation in the Life Sciences | Breakthrough Innovation Forum