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Agriculture Innovation

Farmers using Climate FieldView

Agricultural Solutions Rooted in Science

From food security to supply chain disruptions, American farmers shoulder tremendous responsibility to grow more food with fewer resources.  


To solve these challenges and set American farmers up for success in the future, our industry must look to chemistry, biology, and data science. And for decades, Bayer has done just that, bringing some of the brightest minds in modern agriculture together to help farmers reach their goals.

Positioned to Accelerate Innovation 

Geography is just as important as product when it comes to agricultural innovation, so we use test plots across regions to find the crops that are best suited for different farms across the US. And we’re iterating on these learnings by working in facilities and climates that produce multiple crop cycles per year. Our climate-controlled facility in Marana, Arizona and the natural climate of our facilities in Hawaii allow us to produce multiple crop cycles every year while shortening our supply chains.

At the Marana Arizona greenhouse (left) we are reimaging the way corn is grown around the world. With our Maui farm in Hawaii (right) we are one of the largest contributors to Hawaii's agricultural community. 

Ag Innovation in Action

It’s an exciting and crucial time for innovation in agriculture, and we’re up to the challenge.

Smart Corn System
Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer
Smart Corn System
Building Crop Resilience with Short Corn
The Preceon™ Smart Corn System

Our country relies on farmers to produce as much corn as possible, but as severe weather rolls in, tall crops like corn are at higher risk of being destroyed. So, to help farmers protect their yields, we bred the seeds to grow shorter, sturdier stalks. 



Corn growing in a field
Traits to Withstand the Toughest of Climates

Variations in climate can drastically impact seed performance – and that’s not something farmers can leave to chance. By making use of the natural genetic diversity within each crop family, Bayer builds crop traits to fit the climate in which they’re grown. 



Soybean with the sun in the background
Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer
Eco-friendly, Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer

Our science and collaborations like JoynBio help us solve farmers’ challenges today while preparing them for tomorrow. JoynBio replaces synthetic fertilizer with genetically engineered biological fertilizer to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution while giving crops the nitrogen boost they need.



researchers examining plants in a greenhouse
Leaders in Agriscience

We believe in the power of human ingenuity. Which is another way of saying we’ve got some pretty smart folks committed to building solutions that benefit farmers and preserve resources.


This makes Bayer the best positioned to discover, combine, and tailor solutions for hard-working farmers out in the field.


We are proud and passionate STEM professionals delivering science-based solutions: biochemists, entomologists, chemists, toxicologists, and so much more. You can count on us to tirelessly scout for and partner with the brightest and best innovators who share our passion in every region in the world – from start-up companies to new hires to third-party partnerships –so that we can bring farmers the tools they need to be successful.  

Jessica Herdes, a technical agronomist at Bayer, shares how she is impacted by science in both her career and personal life.

Jessica Herdes, a technical agronomist at Bayer, shares how she is impacted by science in both her career and personal life.