Contraceptive devices are already being exported to 130 countries for over a billion euros

Bayer to invest 35 million euros in Turku production facility

Bayer will invest €35 million to enhance the Production Supply Center in Turku, Finland. Construction of new production facilities will start in September and should be finished by 2023. The investment contributes to ensuring reliable delivery of birth control products and preparing for potential increase in demand.

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The Product Supply Center in Turku develops and manufactures long-term polymer-based contraceptive devices, which are the third best-selling prescription medical product of the Bayer Group operating in 87 countries. Contraceptive devices developed in Turku are exported to 130 countries and have been the top export product of the Finnish pharmaceutical industry for over ten years.


”Bayer’s production volumes in Finland have increased annually. The sales of our contraceptive hormonal coil product family reached €1,2 billion. This investment signals Bayer´s commitment to Finland as well as the importance of Finland to the Bayer Group”, said Miriam Holstein, CEO of Bayer Nordic.


Turku is the third largest of Bayer’s 26 pharmaceutical Product Supply Centers and one of the few with a product development department located in the same building ensuring smooth collaboration. The new manufacturing department will be constructed in the former tablet manufacturing area.


“This investment will enhance the capability of the Turku facility to manufacture the hormone containing core of our polymer-based, long acting contraceptive products and strengthen the role of Turku as the global center of expertise and innovation hub of Bayer´s contraceptive products. One could argue Turku is the contraceptive capital of the world”, said Jennifer Hunt, the Head of Bayer’s Product Supply Center in Turku.


Turku has a central role in providing 100 million women access to modern family planning by 2030 in developing countries

Turku plays as significant role in Bayer’s global goal of providing 100 million women in low- to middle-income countries with access to modern family planning by 2030.


In addition to intra-uterine contraceptive devices, the Turku product supply centre also produces a birth control implant, which has been in the market since 1997.  


“The birth control implant is exported to developing countries in cooperation with international family planning organisations. That way we can deliver more affordable products for the markets of developing countries and thus improve women´s health as well as their possibilities for family planning and equality. For us, sustainability and financial goals goes hand in hand”, said Miriam Holstein.


“With the help of this investment we will be able to improve the possibilities of women living in low- and middle-income countries to access modern methods of birth control”, said Hunt.


Finland is a good place to invest in

According to Miriam Holstein, Finland is from an international pharmaceutical company’s point of view a good environment for research and development and production of new products. “Finland's strengths include digital health technology and expertise in clinical research and drug development. In addition, Finland has a long tradition in top research and a high level of education”, said Holstein.


”International competition in medical R&D is fierce, but we have all the requirements needed for receiving more research and development investments in Finland, which helps stimulate economic recovery.”