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STEM students learning in the Baylab

We strongly believe that children and young people are the researchers and developers who will shape the future. The Baylab mission is to encourage the joy of discovery and enable young people to experience the reality of research work.


Baylab Woodland is part of a global Baylab community and is the first Baylab in the United States and the first Baylab hosted by a Vegetable Site. We offer FREE activities focused on agriculture, chemistry, and biotechnology. 


Students will have a unique opportunity to visit the Baylab, learn about the industry and deepen understanding of ag science through hands-on experiments that are adaptable to multiple grade levels. Cross-cutting concepts will be presented to connect the core concepts within different areas of science together and are tied to California NGSS education standards.  


Examples of these activities are greenhouse tours and garden demonstrations and hands-on learning/experiments such as: 

  • Grow your own garden/terrarium
  • Busy as a bee – learn about pollination
  • Plant DNA extraction


Bayer Baylab



Recent Woodland Baylab visitors 

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