Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Applegate

President of North America Crop Science


Dr. Jacqueline Applegate serves as President of Bayer Crop Science North America and is a member of the Global Executive Leadership Team. Previously, Applegate served as Head of Global Vegetable Seeds & Environmental Science, where she led operations, strategic planning and product development for the two key business units.


Prior to that, Applegate served in a variety of leadership positions at Bayer, including as the Senior Bayer Representative for Australia and New Zealand; President of Environmental Science North America; Vice President of Environmental Science Consumer Products; and Head of Global Project Management. In addition, Applegate served as the Culture and Change Management Lead for the Bayer/Monsanto integration. She began her career at Bayer in 1992 as a chemist. 


Jackie is active on multiple philanthropic, community and business organizations. A passionate advocate for ag youth, she serves on the board of trustees of the National 4-H Council. Additionally, she is a member of the Crop Life America Board of Directors.


In St. Louis, MO, where Jackie resides, she is a member of the Forest Park Board of Directors and is serving as Bayer’s Executive Sponsor of the 2022 United Way campaign. A strong leader in career development, Jackie is the National Executive Co-sponsor of Bayer’s employee-led resource group GROW, which advocates for women’s advancement in leadership. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, traveling and spending time with her son, Matthew.