Scott Partridge

General Counsel and Senior Vice President at Bayer U.S. LLC

scottScott received his J.D. and LL.M. from Tulane University School of Law, and after 27 years in the private practice of law with concentrations in strategic litigation, crisis management and dispute resolution, he joined Monsanto as Chief Deputy General Counsel to lead the international law function, manage litigation and guide the resolution of significant disputes.


In 2008, Scott moved into a newly created business role and was appointed by Monsanto’s Chairman and CEO to develop a cross functional team to build risk mitigation programs and create integrated competition and communications strategies to guide the performance of U.S. and international freedom to operate activities. He led the development and implementation of programs which ended government investigations and resolved all significant disputes with competitors.


Scott designed and launched Monsanto’s relationship based dispute resolution and conflict avoidance model. With an innovative forward-looking focus, Scott created policies, established programs and negotiated long-term agreements with competitors which together led to the resolution of all disputes and successfully prevented new litigation. These sustainable programs put business people and scientists at the lead of strategic relationships with the responsibility to identify potential conflicts and explore opportunities to work together on future business ventures and new research collaborations. In recognition of the creation of these unique programs, the International Institute for Conflict Prevention & Resolution honored Scott and Monsanto in 2016 with CPR’s inaugural Inspiring Innovation Award.


The Monsanto relationship based model was originally designed for use with multinational competitors, but the core principles of these processes have been applied to other contexts such as customer relationships, complex litigation and class actions. Inherited legacy lawsuits surrounding closed manufacturing plants have been successfully resolved using these principles.


Today, Monsanto has no litigation with any competitors or major customers and has focused relationships with them on pursuing partnerships and collaborations to put new tools in the hands of farmers as we work together to meet the daunting challenge to produce more food on the same acres, using fewer of our precious resources. Scott currently leads a multifunctional team across Government Affairs, Law, Public Relations, Commercial Operations and Corporate Strategy to design and advance U.S. and international advocacy and freedom to operate efforts.