Our Passion

At Bayer Crop Science, we’re breaking the hard ground just like American farmers. That’s because we know that making the world better means understanding farmers’ needs, rising to their challenges, and changing communities for the better.


Each day, our passion is inspired by American growers’ resilience, big hearts, and devotion to the land. It’s what gets us up in the morning. Together, our determination pushes forward because of a hunger to learn more, to innovate more, and achieve more as we work to create products that benefit our neighbors and growing population.


Through science and our hunger for discovery, collaboration, and curiosity, we’re dedicated to helping meet the challenges faced on the farm and in rural communities.


At the end of each day, we’re driven by a passion for the farmers we serve, the products and services we deliver, and the next generation. 


Take a look at how we are innovating in three distinct areas:

Developing tailored solutions

Unlocking in-field opportunity through tailored solutions that combine leading seeds and traits, crop protection, and digital technologies to target a farmer's desired outcomes.

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Leading innovation

Leading innovation by continuously improving our offerings, while advancing transformational breakthroughs with partners when new technologies emerge. 

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Investing in sustainability

Investing in sustainability by delivering products and services that help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and improve the lives of farmers.

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