Bayer Hawaii Celebrates Earth Month, Giving Back to Communities

This Earth Month, Bayer Hawaii demonstrated a deep commitment to environmental stewardship and community support across the islands. From roadside cleanups to hands-on restoration projects and educational radio segments, the Bayer team made a positive impact on Oahu, Maui, and Molokai. 


"Earth Month energizes our sustainability efforts at Bayer Hawaii, but it's a journey, not a destination," said Holly McLaughlin, Bayer Hawaii Sustainability Specialist. "We're passionate about protecting our islands' unique environment for years to come, driven by collaboration and continuous innovation in agriculture." 


Adopt-a-Highway Events 

Bayer Hawaii employees rolled up their sleeves to keep island roadways beautiful through multiple Adopt-a-Highway events. Teams on Oahu, Maui, and Molokai tackled litter and debris, ensuring these scenic routes stay pristine for residents and visitors. On all three islands, hundreds of trash bags were collected. 

Partnering with the Malama Learning Center 

On Oahu, Bayer volunteers joined forces with the Malama Learning Center. This organization nourishes environmental values within communities. Bayer employees helped with restoration projects, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility. 



Sustaining Hawaii Radio Show 

Bayer Hawaii took to the airwaves to share its passion for sustainability. The company's 'green' team members from Oahu, Maui, and Molokai appeared on the Sustaining Hawaii radio show. They discussed Bayer's innovative practices, commitment to reducing environmental impact, and the importance of protecting Hawaii's unique ecosystems. 


Plant Propagation Party in Kunia 

The Lower Kunia Green Team hosted a successful plant propagation event in celebration of Earth Month. Participants learned how to propagate plants and took home their own cuttings from our Pollinator habitat. 



Maui Mug Drive for Earth Week 

In honor of Earth Week, the Maui Green Team launched a mug drive initiative asking Maui employees to donate mugs. This communal stockpile of cups aims to reduce or eliminate our consumption of single-use items at our Maui farms. 

Here are some tips to help you do the same at your home: 


  • Take advantage of the mug drive to reduce single-use coffee cups 

  • Have 3-4 re-usable bags in your car for grocery shopping 

  • Bring utensils or use the ones in the kitchen to replace plastic cutlery 

  • Carry your re-usable water bottle to avoid purchasing single-use bottled water. 


Oahu Fun Thursday Planting Activity  

In celebration of Earth Month, the Upper Kunia Farm hosted a special seed distribution event to encourage its employees to embrace home gardening. Employees were delighted to receive a variety of vegetable seed packets to start their own gardens. This initiative aims to promote sustainable practices and a deeper appreciation for the source of our food. 



Kunia ‘Get Out of Office’ Event 

A team of eight, including HR, Admin, our nurse, and the site lead, revitalized a garden space by planting 20 beautiful native plants. We carefully selected Pualoa’lo, ‘Ilima, Kului, Akia, and Carex grass to enhance the pollinator habitat and contribute to a flourishing ecosystem. It was a rewarding day of teamwork and connection with nature. 

Please visit the Sustainability section of our website to learn more about our sustainable farming practices on the islands.