Bayer Hawaii Supports Inaugural School Food Safety Challenge

North Shore Economic Vitality Partnership (NSEVP), in collaboration with Bayer Hawaii and the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii, is thrilled to award two Oahu schools for successfully passing the School Food Safety Challenge (SFSC) in its first year, demonstrating commitment to food safety and agriculture.


“The School Food Safety Challenge reflects our dedication to fostering a hands-on learning experience for students in Hawaii,” says Lisa Rhoden, Food Safety Director at NSEVP. “This program not only imparts crucial knowledge about agricultural food safety practices but also equips students with practical skills that extend far beyond the classroom. It’s about empowering the next generation to become stewards of food safety and champions of sustainable agricultural practices.”


The SFSC is a unique educational initiative designed to empower students across Hawaii with essential knowledge about agricultural food safety practices. In its first year, four Oahu schools with gardens or farms, embraced the program.  Through hands-on implementation of food safety practices in school gardens, students gained real world experience and honed critical skills in documentation, quality assurance, leadership, and delegation.


“Community partnerships play a vital role in the success of educational initiatives like this challenge,” notes Rhoden. “Dedicated partners like the Agricultural Leadership Foundation of Hawaii and Bayer Hawaii, have been instrumental in making the SFSC a resounding success.  Their generous contributions have funded prize money to be awarded to schools that successfully pass the challenge.”


Two of the four Oahu schools, Leilehua High School and Waipahu Intermediate, will receive a prize fund totaling $625 each after successfully passing the challenge, recognizing their dedication to food safety and quality assurance, and underscoring the practical application of food safety principles.


As we celebrate the achievements of the inaugural year, we are delighted to announce that the School Food Safety Challenge is a three-year program. In 2024, NSEVP will be accepting applications for up to 10 schools to participate, with a priority focus on Oahu and Kauai, but will accept applications from schools statewide. We invite schools across the islands with gardens to participate in this transformative educational endeavor. Schools interested in joining SFSC Year 2 should contact NSEVP before January 22, 2024, to secure their place. Contact: Ingrid Dufford, Food Safety Specialist ( or Deyaneira Lugo Ruiz, Food Safety Specialist (