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Bayer Partners with Huma on Bayer® Aspirin Heart Risk Assessment Online Educational Tool to Raise Awareness of Heart Health and its Risk Factors

Huma's predictive algorithm will power a new global online patient engagement tool* that provides an accessible solution for heart health education


NEW YORK, Feb. 1, 2023 -- Huma Therapeutics Limited ("Huma"), a leading global digital health company, and Bayer, a leading global life sciences company, have partnered to develop the Bayer Aspirin Heart Risk Assessment, an online tool that quickly assesses an individual's risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease (CVD) over the next 10 years, which can be shared with a healthcare professional as part of ongoing health management. Huma developed the algorithm using data from the UK's Biobank which predicts long-term risk of cardiovascular disease, and the research has been validated and published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal[1].


Individuals will be able to engage the Heart Risk Assessment tool via https://www.bayeraspirin.com/heart-attack-and-stroke-risk-assessment/ and follow the user-friendly, 15-question prompts that will determine whether they are at higher, average, or lower risk of developing CVD by comparing their answers to those of the research population. 


The tool was unveiled today in honour of Heart Month in the US and to underscore Bayer's legacy in CVD. The aim of the tool is to reach more 100 million people who may be at risk of CVD across the US with actionable insights to help improve their heart and overall health. Research has demonstrated an established link between an individual's behaviours and lifestyle that have the potential to lead to adverse health outcomes, and Bayer Aspirin's Risk Assessment aims to remind people to educate themselves about their personal risks and to have a conversation with their doctor about heart health. 


"Bayer is committed to providing the public with quality healthcare solutions and is pleased to provide a cutting-edge educational resource that can effectively shape heart health conversations with anyone at risk and their physician," said Reese Fitzpatrick, senior vice president and global marketing head, Bayer. "We are excited to partner with Huma and to leverage its pioneering digital assessment tool to help people get meaningful insights on their health in an accessible and direct way."


Bayer is set to launch a national public awareness campaign about ongoing heart health education and risk management that will utilise this tool as a core pillar. The campaign will encourage those at elevated risk to talk to their healthcare professional about their risk profile as a proactive way to manage their health risks. Educational health information will be made available through various digital media and partner channels.


"We are tremendously excited to have the opportunity to scale our evidence-based digital innovations to advance personalised health tools like the Bayer Aspirin Risk Assessment for populations around the world.  We are honoured to have earned the trust of one of the world's largest life sciences companies to collaborate with on this pioneering initiative," said Dan Vahdat, CEO and Founder of Huma. "We see ourselves as part of a global movement to bring digital technology to healthcare and research and improve health outcomes for people everywhere."


*Does not replace an assessment by a qualified healthcare professional. Always talk to your doctor or healthcare professional about your heart health.


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