How Do You Build the Future of Ag? Cultivate Young People

Three students are working on a project in a classroom.

Sometimes it's enough just to make it from one season to the next, with floods, drought and trade disruptions…not to mention the added current challenge of a global pandemic.

But as growing zones change, customer preferences continue to evolve and technology marches forward, Bayer has its sights set not only on addressing farmers' present challenges, but also their future ones. It's a future that will require a steady supply of talented leaders - a pipeline that the company has spent years developing.

Here's a closer look at just how we're progressively nurturing the individuals and ideas that will fuel the agriculture industry's continued success:


Cultivating future ag leaders

Science at Home 

There's never been a better time to support at-home scientific education…and the parents tasked with teaching science to their kids. Science at Home with Bayer is a package of fun, informative and easily accessible activities that reinforce scientific and ag concepts within the comfort and convenience of the familiar home environment.


Grants and Scholarships 

Through its Bayer Fund philanthropic arm, Bayer supports select university-level agriculture and STEM scholarships and programs. This includes awarding nearly $5 million in grants to expand STEM education in K-12 classrooms.


Pollinator Programs 

Bayer invests in protecting the health of bees and other pollinators by educating the public through programs such as the Bayer Bee Care Program and Feed a Bee.



Nearly 300 college students from around the U.S. sharpen their skills through Bayer internships every year. Young professionals learn how to help farmers in the field, working directly with dealers and grower-customers. Others learn supply-chain management by working with the company's global network to move seeds to the farm.


The Youth Ag Summit 

Every other year, Bayer brings together nearly 100 young adults (ages 18–25) to discuss ag trends and tackle common challenges. The Youth Ag Summit aims to engage the increasingly urban-based generation and find solutions for farmers' needs by driving conversation.