Pharmaceutical & Biological Products

  • Our preference is to receive product on four way wooden pallets measuring 40 inches in length and 48 inches in width.

  • Incoming deliveries being shipped collect via LTL carriers should consist of no more than six pallets. The total weight for a shipment must not exceed 5,000 lbs. or be more than 750 cubic feet.

  • Overshipments, unauthorized substitutions, or defective goods may be returned at the shippers cost.

  • Appropriate Material Safety Data Sheets must accompany products when required.


  • Select the carrier from the list of Bayer Corporation Approved Carriers. If the specified carrier does not service your area directly or special requirements are needed, i.e. oversized freight, flat bed trailer, shipments requiring freezers or special handling, call Bayer Corporation Routing Contact for assistance.

  • Using a carrier other than a Bayer Corporation Approved Carrier is a violation of this routing guide and holds Bayer Corporation obligated to your rates and terms with no legal recourse. When this occurs the entire freight cost may be charged back to the shipper.

  • Shipments should be consolidated on one bill of lading whenever possible to avoid excessive freight charges.


Bill of Lading and Invoice Preparation

Information required:


  • Bayer Corporation Purchase Order Number

  • Bill of Lading Number

  • Shippers Invoice Number

  • Zip Codes of Origin and Destination

  • Description and Amount of Articles

  • Amount of Cartons Shipped

  • Weight of Shipment

  • Date of Shipment

  • Temperature Requirements

  • Special Instructions for Carrier

  • Hazardous Material Identification (when applicable)


Carton Packaging and Markings

Individual cartons must be labeled with a "Ship to" address and a "Return" address.


Each shrink wrapped pallet must contain a minimum of two shipping labels with a ship to and return address.


Cartons must be marked clearly with the following information:


  • Product name and part number
  • Batch / lot number where applicable
  • Unit of measure
  • Quantity
  • P.O. number
  • Hazardous material identification (when applicable).


Each order must be accompanied by a packing list. The packing list must be clearly visible, if the packing list is enclosed in a carton, the carton must be noted "Packing List Enclosed."


Freight Charges

  • C.O.D. shipments will not be accepted at any time.
  • All freight charges included on the merchandise invoice, or invoiced separately by the supplier, should be accompanied by the actual freight bill or a copy of the original.


All carrier bills must be addressed to:

Air Shipments

Air shipments may be used only when specifically requested by the Purchasing Agent or the Traffic Department.


Small Shipment Service

  • Whenever possible use UPS.

  • Packages may not exceed 130 inches in length and girth combined, or weigh more than 150 lbs. each, or otherwise specified on purchase order.



Suppliers are advised not to insure their collect shipments unless requested by the buyer or the Traffic department.