Our Passion

Driving Innovation with Customers

It’s an exciting and crucial time for innovation in agriculture, and we’re up to the challenge.


At Bayer, we're optimizing recent advancements to provide the best solutions for our growers. See how our best-in-class precision breeding process gives growers the high-quality, high-performing seeds they need in order to maximize their potential, productivity, and sustainability practices.


Staying at the top of our innovation game helps us get to the bottom of on-farm challenges to productivity, production, and protection of the environment. Our innovation engine prioritizes better solutions and greater choices for farmers, leading to more precise use of resources and more bountiful - and less costly - harvests.


Data is behind every new innovation. The Climate FieldView digital ag platform allows farmers to manage their data centrally, to understand their fields like never before, and to gain insights into what products will work best for their operation. And backed by data science and an eye to farm profitability, our Carbon Initiative is another bold way we're helping lead farmers into new value opportunities.  


And, because every crop, field, and farmer is different, our Ground Breakers® Field Trial Program lets you see how crops grow and adapt in different environments, helping us to tailor and update our methods with farmers in the field. That’s just a taste of what we’re working on for American farmers.


Find out more about our innovative portfolio of seeds and traits, crop protection, and digital tools here. 



Driving Ag Innovation