Bayer Carbon Program: A New Revenue Stream for Farmers

A plowed field with a blue sky.

The Bayer Carbon Program is a simple, straightforward program for growers to enroll in and get paid for implementing carbon-smart farming practices. Farmers who enroll will not only get paid for these practices, but they may also see improved soil quality on their farms and also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by sequestering carbon in the soil. Bayer has created an opportunity that helps put farmers at the center of the solution. 



Bayer’s program is farmer-focused and offers simplicity, flexibility and certainty in creating a revenue stream for growers who implement climate-smart farming practices such as strip-till, no-till and cover crops. The goal is reward farmer for the work they do in the area of carbon sequestration. The farmer-centric program is available to growers in 17 states including: Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland and Delaware.


Beyond generating additional income, growers may also benefit from improved soil quality, which could lead to increased yield, profitability and sustainability in the future. Growers are compensated by the acre, not by the amount of carbon sequestered, and will be paid at a flat rate per enrolled acre, so they know exactly how much they’ll get paid for the practices they implement.


This program is the result of years of work creating – and validating – a science-based approach to reward growers for adding new or additional climate-smart farming practices.  Through Bayer’s industry-leading scale, technology and digital ag platform, we’re able to help growers sequester and store carbon in the soil and be rewarded for their sustainable practices. Bayer is uniquely positioned to partner with you to help you to unlock this opportunity. To find out more information and see if you qualify, visit: See program terms and conditions for full details.



The Bayer Carbon Program described in this document is subject to the current version of the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement. The information is to aid in the understanding of the Bayer Carbon Program and does not change or modify the Bayer Carbon-Smart Practices Master Agreement in any way.