Earth Day Every Day

A man in a plaid shirt standing in a field.

As we prepare to commemorate the 51st Earth Day this week, I got to thinking about how Earth Day is every day for farmers. Focusing on sustainability today is a priority for farmers thinking about tomorrow.


It’s the idea of leaving something behind better than you found it. And each of us benefits from this, as farmers find ways to grow more food, with fewer resources, meeting the increased demands of a planet with more people and less tillable land.  


At Bayer Crop Science, we’re proud to partner with farmers in their sustainability efforts – working with them to reduce their environmental footprints and greenhouse gas emissions. But how do we do this? Sequestering carbon in the ground is one way, as well as practices like no-till farming and planting cover crops to nourish the soil.


Using data to maximize planting for the highest yield is another way, as are the incentives we offer farmers in the U.S. who adopt climate smart farming practices.


Bayer continues to find ways to benefit farmers and the environment. We are exploring products that add resiliency to seeds, helping farmers manage adverse weather conditions and more.


Our crop protection portfolio is also expanding to help farmers manage pests in a way that preserves soil and the environment. And, our digital platform continues to provide farmers with the data needed to precisely manage their farms a vast difference from the broad applications seen a century ago.  


It’s clear when it comes to sustainability even small changes can make a big difference. As the new Head of Crop Science North America, I am honored to lead the charge. And this Earth Day acts as a gentle reminder for us all that our planet remains a priority, every day. 


By: Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Applegate
A woman wearing glasses and a pink jacket.
President of North America Crop Science