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A group of monarch butterflies is called a "flutter," an apt name for these fragile creatures that delicately move through gardens, forests, and fields. These beautiful insects play an integral role in agriculture by helping to pollinate flowers and crops, contributing to a healthy and diverse ecosystem. This is why – as their population continues to decline due to climate change, loss of winter habitats and decreased milkweed availability – it's more important than ever that we protect them and help them thrive. 




To raise awareness about the importance of monarch butterflies in agriculture, Bayer Hawaii is partnering again with Sharing the Butterfly Experience for its 6th annual Monarch Butterfly Kit giveaway. From June 19 – June 25, 2023, four lucky recipients will have a chance to receive an Ultimate Monarch Butterfly Package. This package includes not only a Monarch Butterfly Kit - with 15 live caterpillars, a 24-inch by 12-inch habitat to protect the caterpillar from predators, a picture book on How to Raise Monarch Butterflies, a bag of food to feed the caterpillars, a crown flower plant for the next generation and instructions on how to raise monarch butterflies – but also a Bayer Hawaii Farm to Table Activity Book, a Seminis vegetable seed packet, gardening tools and a tote bag. Hawaii residents can enter to win one of four kits via Bayer Hawaii's Instagram page @BayerHawaii


"Since 2018, we've been able to give away more than 75 monarch butterfly kits across Hawaii. Not only does this create a memorable and educational experience for the winners, it helps raise awareness for the critical role pollinators play in our world, specifically in our food supply, "said Monica Ivey, corporate relations lead for Bayer Hawaii. "It's a privilege to help others experience these beautiful and extremely valuable creatures while supporting their conservation. " 


To submit an entry, you must:

  • Visit Bayer Hawaii on Instagram (@BayerHawaii) and like the sweepstakes post. Post your own photo of a butterfly or butterfly food plant on your page and tag @BayerHawaii and include the hashtags #BayerHawaii #MonarchButterflySweepstakes.


The promotion runs from June 19 – June 25, 2023. The winners will be selected via a random drawing and announced on June 30, 2023.


The butterfly kits are assembled by Sharing the Butterfly Experience, the only Hawaii member of the International Butterfly Breeders Association and Association for Butterflies. Darlene Loo-McDowell, founder of Sharing the Butterfly Experience says, "Raising butterflies is such a rewarding and therapeutic process and I encourage everyone to try it. By providing the fundamental elements of wildlife habitat (education, food, and shelter from predators) to raise young caterpillars into monarchs, empowers children and families in our community to be part of the solution. We encourage those to join in on this fun promotion and to take action for pollinators."


Monarch butterflies undergo a life cycle of four stages. A monarch caterpillar hatches from a tiny egg laid by a female butterfly, then goes through five moltings while feeding on crown flower (one kind of milkweed). From there, it turns into a chrysalis or pupa, and then finally emerges as a fully developed butterfly. The entire growth process takes up to 20 days.


In 2015, Bayer Hawaii implemented a program to plant crown flower to increase the butterfly's milkweed habitat and protect biodiversity. Crown flower, known in Hawaii as pua kalaunu, is said to be the favorite flower of Queen Liliuokalani who often wore it as a lei. Today, hundreds of crown flower plants can be found thriving at Bayer Hawaii farms across the state.


To learn more about Bayer Hawaii's conservation and sustainability practices, please visit https://www.bayer.com/en/us/hawaii-sustainability.


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