Meet the 2021 FFA SAE Grant Recipients, sponsored by Bayer

We’re celebrating the great accomplishments of FFA students and their Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) goals! An SAE requires members to create and operate an agriculturally related business, work at an agriculturally related business or conduct an agricultural research experience. The grant is available to any FFA member with or wishing to begin an SAE in an agribusiness system pathway.





Meet the 2021 SAE Grant Recipients, sponsored by Bayer:


Ethan Hamann — Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA, WI


Ethan is working to increase his corn acreage from 50 to 75 acres to increase income and equity as a partner in his father’s farm. He will be analyzing soil samples, renting the land, bartering for equipment, and working with his dad for key decision-making. This preparation will help expand his experience and solidify his long-term goals.


Austin Anderson — Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA, WI



Isaac Utz — Holton FFA, KS


As of 2019 data, Kansas is a top producing state for hay which makes Isaac a very busy entrepreneur. He is using his SAE grant to expand his hay baling business, hoping to bale 3,000–4,000 bales this year! His goals include purchasing a baler that can handle two windrows to improve his efficiency, rent more acres of hay ground and hire more people to support the increased production.


Tristan Ellerbruch — Stockbridge Valley FFA, NY



Jax Rataczak — Randolph Cambria Friesland FFA, WI


This year, Jax will be using his SAE funds to expand his business, Jax’s Lawn Care. New equipment and a summer employee will help him diversify his services and offerings. To reach new customers, he will increase his advertising with a new website, Facebook page, and communications through the local FFA Newsletter.


Trenton Hargis — Ashland FFA, MO


Trenton is using his SAE grant to help him double his production of mums and increase sales. Not only will he be managing 800 plants, but he will also be installing irrigation systems and using fertilizer injectors to help them grow. When it is time to market his plants he will use social media and word-of-mouth marketing, wholesale businesses, and farmers markets to get the mums in the hands of customers.


Tyler Fenner — Sweet Springs FFA, MO



Trace McCaleb — Benjamin Russel FFA, AL


Trace has used his SAE to establish a garden, a mixture of vegetables, fruits, and specialty crops. This year, he will work to double the size of the garden and increase the variety of crops grown by 88%. Along with growth, Trace is also going to focus on increasing efficiency through equipment and preparation.


Zachary Paul — Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA, WI


Paul Landscaping is looking to expand. Zachary plans to add a landscape maintenance option to increase business among his community. So far, he has six bids and anticipates 12 more through advertising. This year he also plans to become an LLC to protect his business as it continues to grow.


Riley Brand — Delta High School FFA, IN



Landon Schreiber — Blue Valley FFA, KS


Landon is planning to continue his momentum and success with Landons’ Lawn Care. In the past few years, he has expanded customers including two local cemeteries, and hopes to continue growing. With these large-scale clients, he plans to expand his equipment fleet to improve efficiency. He will also spend time working with a landscaping company to continue learning skills to apply to his business.

Weston Blake — Benjamin Russell FFA, AL



Joseph Kern — Washington County FFA, KS


Farmers’ fields in North Central Kansas often become overrun with trees, so Joseph is dedicating his SAE to helping his community. He will be cutting and clearing trees for farmers and ranchers in his areas. His goals include gaining 3 new customers, earning enough to purchase his own tools and safety equipment, and saving up for college.


Ashton Brusveen — Randolph Cambria-Friesland FFA, WI