Our Values

Health for All. Hunger for None.

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We all deserve the chance to thrive.

As parents, children, spouses and global citizens, we all feel the weight of some of humanity’s greatest challenges. And as scientists, we rely on these everyday experiences. Because when we pour our hearts and minds into our work, we can fundamentally transform how we care for one another—and our world. 


At Bayer, we’re working every day to achieve our mission of Health for all, Hunger for none. That’s why we’re making incredible leaps in advancing health and agriculture, so that every American can lead longer, healthier, more dignified lives. And this is how we do it:

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First into the frontier

The most exciting possibility is the next one. For us, that means constantly pursuing new breakthroughs at the cutting edge with new products and solutions that can shift our entire worldview to accomplish more. Our investment in groundbreaking innovation is unmatched—as is our dedication to improving lives for everyone.

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Trusted to be true

Bayer is synonymous with trust. In our effort to help all life thrive, we work every day to earn that trust by sharing about what we do, how we work, and why. Across everything we do, we honor our ongoing responsibility to humanity and our future generations by remembering that our actions today will impact lives tomorrow.

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Gather for greater impact

Agriculture and human health enrich one another. By bringing two complementary disciplines together, we’re revealing a dynamic intersection of insights and ideas that are shaping what’s possible for us all.

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Live to serve life

Everything we do is in service of supporting better, more fulfilling lives for everyone. Behind every innovation, we see the individual who will benefit. And that’s what drives us forward.