What is rural – and what can we do for those who feed us?

Father and Son in a wheat field
Here’s a statement that grabs your attention: “More than 95% of U.S. land area is classified as rural but is home to just 19% of the population.” So says the U.S. Global Change Research Program.


And yet, the impact of that 19% stands disproportionate to its seemingly small number. After all, these farm and rural communities are feeding all of America and the world, not to mention nurturing the natural resources that supply energy, medicines and other critical supplies for society.

In fact, non-metropolitan counties generate 10% of our gross domestic product, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, even though only one-fifth of the population lives in those rural areas.

If you live in rural America, we don’t need to tell you how important your community is to the economy – nor tell you why people choose to live there. The tight community, the less hurried pace, the lower crime rates, the fresh air and open spaces, the family-friendly upbringing. The proverbial list could go on and on.

With those many advantages of rural life come some pressing challenges though, ones which Bayer is determined to help farm and rural families face head on.


Our vision is Health for All, Hunger for None, and we believe healthier families and better harvests are possible across rural America.

We believe that everyday health should always be within reach, and chronic disease and nutrition management resources readily available. We believe rural families should have ready access to affordable, nutritious food. We believe farm communities should see growth and innovation not just in the crops they grow but the children they raise to lead their communities in the future.  

That’s why we’re not just providing grants to grow rural communities; we’re asking farmers to help direct where the resources should go. We’re not just putting funds back into farm communities; we’re giving farmers and their neighbors the foundation to combat malnutrition and food insecurity in their own towns.  


We aren’t just researching life science, ag and medical technology innovations; we’re taking them to rural hometowns so their community members can fight diseases and make informed decisions on healthcare, education, nutrition and more.

It’s just a start, but it’s also just the beginning. Rural communities are without a doubt the heartbeat of America. Bayer is committed to making sure that the beat goes on.