Starting with a Virtual Internship and Stepping up to an International Role at Bayer

In November of 2019 I stepped onto Bayer’s Whippany, NJ campus for my final round interview to be a Master’s Procurement Intern. Little did I know that it would be my last time seeing anyone from Bayer in person and my only time stepping on Bayer’s campus, but the start of an amazing experience.

Jennifer McKiskleThe virtual internship was a unique experience. Everyone at Bayer was still adjusting to work from home but everyone on the internship team tried their best to make sure we onboarded smoothly and had all the resources we needed. During the internship, attending the Emerging Leader’s Network happy hours and hosting our own game nights allowed us to not only get to know people during work through networking and coffee chats, but also in a more relaxed setting.

The virtual internship allowed me to experience Bayer’s culture and the willingness everyone has to set up time to share their experiences. In addition, the internship projects were thought provoking and impactful for the business. The workshops that were hosted by the Emerging Talent Network not only helped in learning more about Bayer, but also provided guidance on personal development. It was such a great experience that when the International Procurement Management Trainee role opened after my internship, there was no hesitation to apply and come back to Bayer to work with amazing people.

In May of 2021 I came back to Bayer to start my full-time role as an International Procurement Management Trainee. This 18-month rotation allows me to explore various areas in procurement and work on different teams. Although I onboarded virtually again this year, everyone I spoke to last year was very kind to allow me to reconnect and offered their help. I am having a great time learning through my projects and workshops and I am excited to continue my journey with Bayer.

Esther Ma
International Procurement Management Trainee, Bayer
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