Fighting the Good Fight for Farmers and Our Future

National Ag Day Sponsor

Bayer is dedicated to supporting farmers on and off the field – including advocacy on behalf of their interests.

In the 50 years since the inaugural Ag Day celebration, agriculture has been a steady force in our economy and a persistent example of the values of hard work, community, and dedication to a noble profession that provides for our society.  


The years have brought improved technologies and exciting innovation, but also the need to navigate new weather patterns, increasing public scrutiny, complicated international trade realities, and more. 


The sentiment of Ag Day is that farmers do not stand alone. We, as an industry – many of us having grown up on farms, or like me, in a rural community – are deeply invested in the success of farmers. And every day, but especially on Ag Day, is an opportunity to show our gratitude to the men and women who work tirelessly to provide the needed food, feed, fiber and fuel for our growing world.  


Bayer is dedicated to supporting farmers on and off the field – including advocacy on behalf of their interests. We partner with grower groups and industry associations to advocate on issues that impact farmers, including support for farmers’ access to options when it comes to choosing the technologies they need to run their operations productively and sustainably. 


As more and more of society finds itself removed from farming, we are there to tell the story of American agriculture and champion its needs – from Washington, to state capitals and even globally – anywhere decisions impacting farmers’ businesses are being made. 


I am proud to lock arms with others in the industry in defense of farmers’ access to the best and most sustainable technologies available today. And my colleagues and I work tirelessly to develop and deliver transformative solutions for tomorrow – like our Smart Corn System with Short Stature Corn, which will help customers succeed through holistic solutions that help manage risk through season-long access and improved standability in difficult weather. 


Every investment we make in innovation is also an investment in sustainability, which is important to Bayer, important to the customers we serve today, and important to the next generation that will inherit our progress to lead the agriculture of tomorrow. 


Being at the forefront of what’s next for agriculture requires a commitment to cultivating a workforce of the future. We are passionate about supporting the next generation of ag leaders through partnerships like our Science Matters initiative to provide the 4-H STEM challenge, Ag Innovators Experience, Youth in Action Award, and Ignite by 4-H. It is also an honor to sponsor the youth organizations participating in Ag Day, including 4-H, FFA, MANRRS, and AFA. 


Building the future of farming requires insight and foresight to convert some of the world’s biggest challenges into the biggest breakthroughs for mankind. In a rapidly changing world, the stable roots of agriculture’s rich history provide the inspiration to innovate for an even better tomorrow.


While National Ag Day allows us to recognize and celebrate the pivotal role of America’s agriculture industry, I encourage everyone to join me in being an AGvocate every day! Let’s all do our part to share and support the amazing story of American agriculture.  

President of North America Crop Science
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Dr. Jackie Applegate
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