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Tending Tomorrow’s Harvest

Tending Tomorrow's Harvest

At Bayer, we know nobody is more crucial to growing the future of rural America than our farmers. When we invest in our farms and rural communities, we know it yields a harvest that will support us all. 


That’s why we’re committed to a wide variety of initiatives to sustain our partners throughout the agricultural world — from education for the next generation of farmers to medical care that protects the current one. 


Nothing matters more to us than the relationships we’ve built with the communities we serve. Because, of all the things we’ve helped grow, the one we’re proudest of is your trust. 

Tending Tomorrow’s Farming Communities 

Tomorrows Farms


From the latest digital farming technology to timeless cultivation techniques, Bayer puts our global-level science capabilities and our financial resources to use for today’s farmers — and their communities. Season to season, year in and year out, our representatives are partnering with you to keep your farm, your business and your community growing. 

Tending Tomorrow’s Farmers 

Tomorrows farmers

The next generation of farmers will need an unprecedented level of technical and scientific knowledge to be competitive in a radically changing world. That’s why we partner with 4-H and FFA to give our most promising rural students the opportunity to learn the skills that will shape and reshape our world.