Our Engagement

Tending Farm and Rural Communities

A healthy family in rural America

Farm and rural communities are the backbone and heartbeat of America, and helping them thrive is critical to us at Bayer.


Using our expertise in crop science, pharmaceuticals, and consumer health, we are using science and innovation to find solutions to the most pressing challenges facing farm and rural communities in America today-- from access to health, education, and nutrition to farm profitability.


As we make strides addressing these issues, our focus and commitment becomes more clear. Our work continues with the aim of making a lasting contribution in these communities. Through our vision of Health for all, Hunger for none, we want to see farm and rural communities achieve better harvests and healthier families. 


Leading life science innovation
An American farmer plays baseball with his kids on the family farm. 


A life science company by trade and a people caring company at heart, Bayer is working hard to strengthen farm and rural communities by: 


  • Leading life science innovation by continuously improving our offerings, while advancing transformational breakthroughs with partners when new technologies emerge. Learn more about our leading research and development.


  • Providing tailored agriculture solutions that combine leading seeds and traits, crop protection, and digital technologies to achieve strong yields that contribute to profitability on the farm. Learn more about our integrated tools.


Providing tailored agriculture solutions
Bayer agronomists study plant health in a soybean field.
  • Giving farmers Bayer Fund grants that they direct to rural nonprofits, education efforts, and rural initiatives. Learn how we help farmers shape rural and farming communities through our America’s Farmers Grow Communities program.


Investing in farm and rural communities
An American farmer plays with his children on the family farm. 
  • Investing in farm and rural communities by combatting malnutrition and food insecurity, enhancing STEM education, and providing support services for patients and families. Learn more about the Bayer Fund.


  • Partnering with youth organizations 4-H and FFA to support the students of today who will be the farm and rural community leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about how we are cultivating STEM and Ag leaders.


Researchers studying the next innovation
Bayer researchers work to discover our next life science innovation. 
  • Developing sustainable practices by delivering products and services that help reduce the environmental impact of agriculture and improve the lives of those in farm and rural communities. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.


  • Fighting diseases by providing treatments to major health challenges in these communities including cardiovascular disease, cancer, renal diseases, oncology, neurology, hematology, and women’s healthcare. Learn more about our expertise in pharmaceuticals.


Empowering personal health and wellness

  • Empowering personal health and wellness through non-prescription medicines, nutritional supplements, cough, cold and allergy care, and other self-care solutions. Learn more about our expertise in consumer health.


  • Advancing medical technologies that support imaging procedures, contrast media, and integrated dose-management software and equipment services. Learn more about our medical technologies


advancing medical technologies