Our Passion

Farming For Today & Tomorrow

Year in and year out, farmers are focused on preserving their land. That means we also have a passion for innovative methods of farming that make good on the promise of sustainability for both current and future generations of farmers.


As a company with 150-year-old roots, we know that human ingenuity backed by science is the cornerstone that benefits farms both big and small.  We’re rooted in helping farmers be the best stewards of the land they can be and preserving precious soil.


Look no further than our seeds, traits, and crop protection products that address pests, such as weeds and insects, without using excessive tillage. As farmers (yes, we farm too) and scientists, we think about how today’s decisions impact the next generation, our food, and our economy.


Farming is a long game, and we’re working to ensure that we’re developing solutions to leave this land better than how we found it. Learn more about our global sustainability efforts, including our goal to reduce greenhouse emissions by 2030.