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Raising Awareness and Helping Farmers Combat Corn Rootworm with Inaugural “Rootworm Week”


Did you know that rootworms can cause up to $2 billion dollars of damage annually to the nation’s corn crop below ground? Or that can cause up to 45% yield loss to U.S. farmers when present? 


This is why Bayer is focused on generating awareness of these nasty pests and partnering with farmers and arming them with the tools, technology and best practices to fight rootworm. 


To raise awareness about the impact rootworm has on many farmers’ crops, we’re launching Rootworm Week (August 7 to August 11, 2023). During Rootworm Week, we are rolling out a series of content solely focused on the rootworm. Bayer experts will inform, educate and we even hope to entertain you and share information about what corn rootworm is, why it feasts on corn roots and what’s being done to keep rootworms in check. 


Watch the full video from our Rootworm Week content.  

Rootworm in the ground
Rootworm Week
Bayer hosts first annual Rootworm Week to raise awareness of rootworm and help farmers navigate and manage the destructive pest.
Rootworm Week Trailer

Small enemy. Big problem. 

A western corn rootworm beetle or adult hiding in a corn field.