Our Consumers

Shaping Agriculture to Benefit Farmers, Consumers and Our Planet


Whether you work in agriculture or not, when it comes to food, we are all consumers. People everywhere want their food to be healthy, safe, affordable and grown in ways that respect local communities and our environment. Meeting these demands in the face of climate change, growing population and limited natural resources puts enormous pressure on the global food system.

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Bayer has a tremendous opportunity to be a part of the solution and grow enough food for a growing world, sustainably. We believe that innovation in agriculture is the only way to address these challenges head on. This is why we combine modern science with farmers’ ingenuity to put technology at their fingertips.

We want all people to have choice in what they eat. And while we don’t have all the answers, our passion for discovery, collaboration and relentless curiosity means we’ll never stop striving to find them. These possibilities excite us as a company, as we work alongside farmers across the globe to transform agriculture and, ultimately, to help people and our planet.

We must be responsive to the changing world around us to help ensure a more sustainable, more resource-efficient tomorrow.

Facts About Modern Agriculture: Food For Thought

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, population growth and environmental degradation are the biggest threats to humankind. Now more than ever, the world needs innovative modern agricultural solutions to address the challenges facing our food system.

At Bayer, we want to contribute to global food security in ways that are both sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The agriculture industry is at the heart of one of the greatest challenges of our time: how to feed an additional three billion people in the world by 2050 in an environmentally sustainable way


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