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We believe growth – both on the farm and in our industry overall – requires a steady stream of new innovation. This can only be driven by ground-breaking research aimed at finding new solutions to the challenges growers face in the field every day.

Everything we do is built around helping you improve your operation. Your success is our success; it’s that simple. And we will work hard in the months and years ahead to earn – and keep – your business.

As we begin the integration, our goal is to avoid any disruption in how we work with you. A transaction of this size is bound to bring change, and we will be here to listen, answer your questions, and develop a path forward together. While we work to integrate our two businesses you should expect the same level of service and commitment we’ve always delivered.

As more decisions are made in the future, we will proactively reach out to communicate any potential changes or impacts as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, if customers have inquiries about the Bayer portfolio, they will be referred to existing Bayer contacts. All inquiries on the Monsanto portfolio will be directed to former Monsanto contacts.

Together, we have more tools in our toolbox to create more choices for farmers to help drive productivity gains faster.

Our Portfolio: Empowering You with More Choices

By uniting two pioneering innovators across biology, chemistry and digital, we are bringing new solutions to the challenges facing farmer and creating more choice for consumers and farmers everywhere.

Crop Protection

We bring a 100+ year track record in chemistry research with global crop protection products, as well as proven and innovative chemical solutions to manage pests, weeds and diseases along with sophisticated biological solutions mobilizing nature’s own defences.

Serenade Opti™
Acceleron® Seed Treatments

Seeds and Traits

Bayer focuses on delivering high-quality, high-performance seeds, as well as cutting-edge seeds and traits for high-yielding, high-quality crops with improved weed management and superior worm control.

Bollgard II® XtendFlex Cotton®
De Ruiter
DroughtGard® Hybrid Corn™
Dekalb Asgrow
Intacta RR2™ PRO Soybeans™
RoundupReady2Xtend® Soybeans™

Digital Farming

Our expertise and innovations in digital farming provide farmers with a deeper understanding of their fields so they can utilize their inputs and natural resources as efficiently as possible.

Climate FieldView™

The work we do is very challenging. You put a seed in the ground and do your best to turn it into food, and then you must manage unexpected factors, such as the weather. Seeing the result reaching people’s tables is the most amazing part. It is very good to see our work impact a consumer’s life, particularly because this is work that, above all, demands a lot of responsibility on our part.


If you have any questions or comments about the acquisition or what this means for you as a customer, connect with us directly.


Check out frequently asked questions by customers below.

As a farmer, how does the acquisition affect my business today and in the future?

Our combination creates a truly global leader in agriculture with a broad portfolio, providing a superior product offering and tailor-made solutions to customers across all crops in all geographies. Bringing together leading offerings in seeds and traits and digital tools, along with a broad crop protection product line across a comprehensive range of crops, we now will be able to deliver more innovation faster.

The opportunities and challenges driving the global agricultural community are complex and ever-changing. We believe the future growth of the agriculture industry will be driven by research and development aimed at finding more innovative solutions for farmers.

As a customer of Bayer/Monsanto, what changes should I expect from the combination of Bayer and Monsanto in general?

Serving our customers and preparing for the 2019 season are of utmost importance. Throughout the integration, our goal is to ensure a positive and seamless experience for our customers. This will take time, and we are taking a thoughtful approach as we combine our businesses to build an organization that will better serve farmers and deliver innovation faster.

During this time, we are committed to listening to you so that we can build the absolute best organization for the future. As decisions are made, we will proactively reach out to communicate any potential changes or impacts as quickly as possible.

Does this combination mean less choice for farmers and more expensive products?

No. We provide all types of farmers with a range of choices featuring tailored solutions, so they can make the best decisions for their farms. Farmers of all sizes can choose which seeds and which crop protection products they buy and use. There is no contractual obligation that farmers must use our entire product portfolio.

What benefits can I expect from the acquisition?

We are reinforcing our commitment to serving our customers’ current and future needs by accelerating innovation, so we can provide enhanced solutions and optimized products in areas that will address the most critical needs. Customers will further benefit from a broader set of solutions including seeds and traits, crop protection and digital. These solutions are expected to result in significant and lasting benefits across the value chain: from improved sourcing and increased convenience to high yield to better environmental stewardship and sustainability.