Gerland, France

EARL Gachot


Challenging Oneself is the Way Forward

EARL Gachot is a cereal farm typical for the Côte d’Or (Gold Coast) in eastern France. Samuel Gachot runs the farm, and together with his wife he also works on a wine estate in Nuits Saint George. Crop diversification is the key farming strategy at EARL Gachot, where they grow important food crops as well as energy crops and grape vines. Located in a drinking water catchment area, the four streams that flow through it can cause flooding to some of the plots. With roughly 90% of the farmland drained, the emphasis at EARL Gachot is on preserving weather quality. The owner aims to adopt sustainable practices that ensure the quality of drainage water is maintained without compromising the efficacy of herbicides and thus risking yield and quality of the produce. Preserving biodiversity in the Côte d’Or region for future generations is what drives Samuel Gachot to test new farming methods. To him, the Bayer ForwardFarming network is a great opportunity to connect with other farmers and discuss best practices. 

  • Farm name and location: EARL Gachot – Gerland, between Dijon and Beaune, France.
  • History: Samuel is the third generation of his family to farm the land and took over from his father in 1990. One employee supports him at the farm.
  • Farm size: 240 hectares.
  • Crops: Wheat, barley, oil seed rape, brown mustard, miscanthus, sunflower, grape vines.
  • Notable partners: Beekeeper, Dijon Mustard Producers Association (Fallot).
“We are passionate about the land at EARL Gachot and we’re always finding more effective and sustainable ways to farm. For us, sustainable agriculture is about more than paying attention to farming methods so we can make them better. It’s about what we pass on to the next generation – that means from father to son, but also as the legacy we pass on in terms of resources and healthy, crop-capable land. We want to reap the best quality harvest and still create space for nature to thrive.”
Samuel Gachot
Farm Owner

Preserving Water Quality Throughout all Farming Practices

Samuel Gachot’s main goal is protecting water resources. Together with Bayer experts, he set up an experiment to closely monitor the drainage on two plots, assessing links between rainy periods and increasing volume of water in his drains. The data acquired from monitoring will help to anticipate the drainage water flow, making it possible to determine treatment periods and adapt farming practices accordingly. Samuel uses a variety of methods to prevent point-source pollution when applying crop protection products, such as application methods designed specifically for drained soil and a Phytobac® system for on-farm wastewater management. Grass strips planted surrounding his plots prevent runoff. Challenging himself in the way he cultivates the land is a must for Samuel Gachot: "We reassess our practices on a daily basis. Even though we work with the same crops, we never do the same thing", he adds. 

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