Krzyżanów Village, Poland

Kaszewy Farm


Six Generations of Sustainability

In recent years, sustainable agriculture has become an increasingly important topic in Poland, a country with strong traditional roots in agriculture and strong ambitions to further progress sustainably in the sector. Farmer Krysztof Nykiel and his son, Maciej, are helping to shape the future of sustainable agriculture in the country. They both love their profession and believe innovation and technology can contribute to their business and the environment.


Their farm, called Kaszewy Farm, is located in the heart of Poland – just 10 km from the very center of the country. Krysztof and his son represent the 5th and 6th generation of their family to farm the land, and together they grow sugar beets, wheat, and corn on the farm’s 90 acres.


Krzysztof and Maciej have integrated a number of sustainable solutions on their farm, including the optimization of plant protection applications, the implementation of decision support tools and digital farming solutions and the use of modern varieties of crops with characteristics such as tolerance to pests or drought. The farmers have also applied measures to support pollinators and wild birds on their land.

  • Location: Krzyżanów village near Kutno, łódzkie district, Poland.

  • History: The origins of the farm date back to the nineteenth century. Krzysztof’s son Maciej is the sixth generation of the family to manage the farm.

  • Farm size: 90 hectares.

  • Primary crops: Sugar beet, winter wheat, corn.

A man stands in a corn field.
Taking care of soil fertility is one of the most important aspects for me. If you practice good, sustainable agriculture, it will be proven by high content of humus in the soil of your fields. What's also important: sustainable agriculture means optimizing fertilization and plant protection, thus reducing pressure on the environment and increasing profitability.
Krzysztof Nykiel
Farm Owner

Building Up Yields From the Very Start

A smart farmer is always attentive to the environmental conditions in his fields. Poland is increasingly affected by droughts and high temperatures during the growing season, and climate change is making the situation even more extreme. This becomes especially critical on light soils that do not retain water well. To help make the best use of resources in the face of a changing climate, Krzysztof is testing new drought tolerance corn varieties as well as select sugar beet varieties that have resistance to diseases and pests.


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