People & Planet

Finding Solutions for Farmers, Consumers, and the Environment

Agriculture needs to grow enough for almost 10 billion people while using fewer natural resources.

Our progress depends on a collective willingness to trust in the power of human ingenuity. Together with farmers, researchers, and partners, we are determined to find new solutions.


At Bayer, we’re always striving to find better answers—not only for our world, but for smallholder farmers, our ecosystem, and the growing population. Some solutions already exist, while many are yet to come.


As we embrace our most pressing challenges —like climate change, limited natural resources, and a rising number of people to feed —we know that agriculture will continue to play an important role in the future of our planet. Together, we’re shaping agriculture for farmers, consumers, and the environment.

Global Impact

By 2050, our global population will reach 10 billion people. Growing enough for our world while preserving water, land, and energy requires new tools and technologies.


What we do on the farm impacts the life around us. Today, we’re working to not only minimize our impact but to find ways for farming to help improve biodiversity.

Food Journey

Humanity has the opportunity to improve how we grow, transport, and consume food. Agriculture is seeking solutions to make a global impact.