What We Stand for

Our Values


Bayer is a global company, active in the fields of health and nutrition. We operate worldwide and see ourselves as an active member of society in all communities in which we are present. With this presence comes responsibility, which we live up to by pursuing clearly defined principles expressing our basic ethical philosophy. These principles govern how we measure ourselves as well as how we want to be measured.

Our Charter of Ethical Principles:

Human Dignity and Human Rights

Respect for human dignity and human rights is the ethical foundation of everything we do. We treat people fairly and respectfully, irrespective of their religion, nationality, ethnic origin, culture, gender or sexual orientation. We value and foster diversity.

Science and Innovation

We are convinced that science and innovation are essential to societal progress, prosperity and political decision-making. We stand for continued research and development at the highest level and constantly work to create new and better products to meet our customers’ needs and benefit society. Along with societal acceptance, our commitment to science and innovation is the foundation of our economic success.

Sustainable Development

We stand for sustainable development and commit to doing business in an economically, ecologically and socially responsible way. We expect the same standards of our partners across the value chain.

Social Responsibility

We take our social responsibility seriously and collaborate in projects and partnerships with the scientific community and broader society. In this way we create additional benefits.

Dialogue, Transparency and Collaboration

We are committed to dialogue, transparency and collaboration in our dealings with the general public.

Fair Competition

We value fair competition and the fair treatment of all our stakeholders. Integrity is central to our values and we do not tolerate illegal activity.

Highest Standards

Safety is our top priority. We aim to sustain the highest standards of product, process and occupational safety.

Safe Use

We work to ensure the safe use of our products and inform our customers about benefits and risks.

Which Values Unite Our Employees?

Our corporate culture is built on our LIFE values, which are firmly anchored in our company and provide us with guidance in our daily work. LIFE stands for Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency.

Everything we do is aligned with these values.


Bayer LIFE-Werte: Leadership (Führung)
  • Be passionate for people and performance
  • Show personal drive, inspire and motivate others
  • Be accountable for actions and results, successes and failures
  • Treat others fairly and with respect
  • Give clear, candid and timely feedback
  • Manage conflicts constructively
  • Create value for all our stakeholders


Bayer LIFE-Werte: Integrity (Integrität)
  • Be a role model
  • Comply with laws, regulations and good business practices
  • Trust others and build trustful relationships
  • Be honest and reliable
  • Listen attentively and communicate appropriately
  • Ensure sustainability: balance short-term results with long-term requirements
  • Care about people, safety and the environment


Bayer LIFE-Werte: Flexibility (Flexibilität)
  • Drive change actively
  • Be ready to adapt to future trends and needs
  • Challenge the status quo
  • Think and act with customers in mind
  • Seek out opportunities and take calculated risks
  • Be open-minded
  • Embrace lifelong learning


Bayer LIFE-Werte: Efficiency (Effizienz)
  • Manage resources smartly
  • Focus on activities that create value
  • Do things simply and effectively
  • Deliver with appropriate costs, speed and quality
  • Speed up good decision-making
  • Be accountable for consistent execution
  • Collaborate for better solutions

Our value culture ensures a common identity throughout the enterprise across national boundaries, management hierarchies and cultural differences.