Relevant Positions

Bayer's Position on the Protection of Bio­diversity

In accordance with our mission “Bayer: Science For A Better Life”, it is our goal to contribute to an improvement of the global quality of life through our research, our products and our business activities. In this process, we aim to use natural resources responsibly, in so doing promoting biodiversity and thus recognizing the diversity of species, the diversity of ecosystems and genetic diversity. 

We are explicitly committed to the United Nations’ “Convention on Biological Diversity”.Zoom image
We are explicitly committed to the United Nations’ “Convention on Biological Diversity”.

In the context of our sustainability strategy, we are explicitly committed to the United Nations’ “Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)” and its objectives, including the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of newly discovered genetic resources and traditional knowledge.

Relevance for Our Value-Added Process

If we use natural ingredients, we are mindful to utilize sustainable raw materials. All work connected with the use of natural substance sources is conscientiously reviewed for compliance with the Convention on Biological Diversity. A consideration of influences on biodiversity along the whole value-added chains of our products is of particular significance for us

  • as part of our research activities for product development,
  • in our selection of raw materials,
  • at production sites and under the minimization and compensation of the impact of our constructional interventions in nature,
  • regarding our emissions and accumulation of our products in the environment.

Relevance for Our Products and Technologies

Biodiversity is of relevance for Bayer particularly with respect to the products and technologies of our division Crop Science. We advocate sustainable agriculture. It is our task to meet increasing human demands for sufficient high-quality food supplies while combining this with the protection of healthy ecosystems and biodiversity through

  • innovative products that help farmers and growers to increase production efficiency in order to reduce land consumption for farming, thus preserving space for valuable, species-rich ecosystems,
  • the implementation of sustainable crop growing methods and intelligent farm management together with our customers,
  • guidance on an appropriate and targeted application of crop protection products,
  • the integration of biodiversity-enhancing measures and integrated crop protection in modern agriculture, e.g. through research on our model farms,
  • the support of further projects that foster compatibility between modern agriculture and biodiversity.

Knowledge-Sharing and Support of Charitable Biodiversity Projects

By engaging in a constant dialog with our customers, maintaining partnerships with industry and working on projects with local and international organizations and stakeholders, we hope to encourage knowledge sharing and to help protect and improve biodiversity on location.