Response to Conflict in the Middle East

The company has taken a clear stance in conflicts. Bayer looks after the safety of its employees and supports civilians through its products and humanitarian aid.


As a company, we are devastated by the October 7 terrorist attacks of Hamas against Israel and condemn terrorism of all kinds. Since the October 7 attacks, the tragic human suffering has continued. We stand in solidarity with the people of Israel, particularly our employees there, and all innocent people in Gaza who are impacted by the broader conflict. 

Faithful to our mission “Health for All, Hunger for none”, we are serving essential healthcare and agriculture products to the civilian population. Bayer has partnered with two reputable NGOs, each dedicated to assisting the affected populations both in Israel and Gaza.

We plead for an end to the violence and progress toward a lasting peace.


Update Dec 04, 2023:
Bayer to provide substantial healthcare support to Gaza


After nearly two months of conflict in the region, the civil population in Gaza is struggling to access basic healthcare products and essential services. Faithful to the mission Health for All, Hunger for None, Bayer has announced a substantial donation of medicines and healthcare products with anticipated delivery to the area beginning 24 December.


Due to the ongoing conflict, the local civil population in Gaza faces restricted access to basic products and essential services. The healthcare system is particularly impacted, with hospitals and clinics grappling with resource shortages. In response, Bayer is preparing a substantial donation of medicine and healthcare products for delivery beginning 24 December through a reputable NGO which will ensure this donation reaches those in need. The relief support includes in total 1 million units of antibiotics, vitamins, food supplements for pregnant women and new mothers and other women's health products. Through this donation, on average we will reach every second civil citizen in Gaza with medicines and products.


Bayer also launched an employee donation campaign in October to provide crucial support to civilians affected by the conflict in both Israel and Gaza. In addition to the employee donations, the company pledged a donation of 25,000 euros to each of the two NGOs we partnered with to provide relief to those civilians in need.