Antonio Helps Breast Cancer Patients Find New Strength


I remember the first time my mother told me, “I have breast cancer”, I was 20 years old, my mother just over 40. In a short time, the operation and chemotherapy stole from my mother not only her hair but also her smile and ease of performing simple everyday gestures, like putting on a t-shirt or holding my younger brother in her arms. Unfortunately, 20 years later, the monster reawakened and so once again the same story. With the same suffering and the same fear. Today she is no longer with us; the disease took her away 10 years ago.

1st lesson, standing from right: Mafalda , Monica the trainer, Cynthia sitting from right: Mariangela, Maria Teresa.
From right: Mariangela, Monica the trainer, Antonio, Mafalda, Maria Teresa.

When Monica Cozzi, the trainer, spoke to me about the Pink Ribbon project and of how this functional recovery program helps women who have undergone breast cancer surgery to recover the functions of the arm and several simple movements, I thought it would be an opportunity to give back a degree of normalcy to those who have lost it.

Thus, together with the organization, we decided to organize this course. The Pink Ribbon Program has designed a rehabilitation program for women who have undergone surgery for breast cancer.

Taking part in this program gave me back some control. [...] It made me feel proactive regarding my recovery and gave me a sense of wellbeing that I had lost.

What is the Pink Ribbon Program?

The program is based on exercises from the Pilates method, designed by an interdisciplinary team of physical fitness and rehabilitation professionals. After a surgical operation of mastectomy or the removal of lymph nodes, patients often suffer from a loss of mobility and functional capacities in the arm and shoulder involved. Physical exercise, specifically targeted, is a fundamental element in both treatment and cure.

During the lesson: Monica , the trainer, on the floor Lucia, Maria Teresa, Mafalda.