Willy Lee Brings Blind Kids to Fruit Picking


The vision impaired students hardly participate in outdoor activities due to limited mobility and worried parents or teachers, not mentioned the opportunity to get in touch with nature.

That is why I take blind students from Huei Ming School for the Blind, Taichung Taiwan to fruit picking.

I think it would give the blind students a great experience if we take these children to hug a tree, touch the soil and smell the aroma of fruit in an orchard. And they are very grateful to have this kind of opportunity to expand their world.

Bayer employee Willy Lee (right) was honored for his voluntary work in 2015.

Every year I choose different fruit for them to explore, and the biggest difference between taking blind students to pick fruit and other activities lied in the design of the activity since safety was the first priority. Therefore, the strawberry, tomato and grape farms were selected because they provided a safer place to the blind, which were confined in mobility.

Blind students picking strawberry

Blind students picking strawberry

I am planning to build a grape farm in Huei Ming School for the Blind. It would be a great experience for these students to feel the beauty of life if they can grow with the fruit.