Political Principles

Innovation: Basis of Growth and Prosperity

Bayer boasts the largest research and development budget of the entire chemical and pharmaceutical industry in our home country, Germany. We support political frameworks that foster innovation. Since providing new benefits to society must be rewarded, this includes secure knowledge protection worldwide. In Germany, Bayer advocates the introduction of a tax credit for R&D investments.

A development laboratory for biological active substances in Wuppertal, Germany.Zoom image
A development laboratory for biological active substances in Wuppertal, Germany.

Innovative research is at the center of Bayer’s business strategy – in line with our mission “Science For A Better Life”. Bayer has the biggest budget for research and development (R&D) in the entire German chemical-pharmaceutical industry.

We support the efforts of the EU member states to substantially increase R&D spending to 3% of gross national product. Both Europe and Germany still have a long way to go before they reach this target.
A comprehensive innovation strategy is required to fully exploit the innovation potential that exists in this country. It should focus on three areas.

Three Building Blocks for Generating the Innovations of Tomorrow

1. Improve the Overall Political and Economic Framework

Science For A Better Life” needs optimal overall conditions; after all, R&D is expensive. Research-based companies like Bayer that operate mainly in Germany have a local disadvantage by international comparison.

  • That’s is why we advocate greater support for corporate R&D efforts – for example by tax-based promotion. This should be introduced in addition to the current practice of direct project funding.
  • We also believe that further reforms of the Genetic Engineering Act (GenTG) are necessary. 
  • The protection of intellectual property, particularly in patent law, must continue.

2. Specifically Promote Cutting-edge Research

Companies like Bayer need first-class universities and research institutes as scientific cooperation partners with direct links to research locations.

  • Bayer welcomes the Federal Government’s decision to continue the Excellence Initiative. Excellence clusters create a critical mass that makes Germany internationally competitive.
  • Furthermore, we need to create an internationally competitive working conditions for professors in Germany. Cutting-edge research to be rewarded in an appropriate and performance-oriented way. 

3. Foster an Innovation Culture through Dialog and Better Education

  • New developments in technology, such as biotechnology, can help us overcome such challenges as climate change or feeding the world’s population.  
  • We want to continue the dialog between politicians, economists, scientists and society at large on the opportunities generated by new technologies in order to firmly establish an ‘innovation culture’ in society. This is the prerequisite for new, innovative products.  
  •  It would also be desirable to further promote general scientific education – Bayer is making an important contribution here through its foundations.  
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