Reward and Recognition

Rewarding Opportunities

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At Bayer, our dedication to advancing life is not just about implementing healthcare innovation across the globe, but also about supporting our employees’ personal and professional development. We believe in meaningful, sustainable careers and lifelong learning opportunities.

At Bayer, we are passionate about innovation for global advancement. Today’s new recruits are tomorrow’s future leaders. We are looking for talented Saudi nationals to join our team and positively change the world with their work, while nurturing a healthy work-life balance.


As an employer of choice, one of our main aims is to support the sustained career growth of our employees. As well as actively supporting lifelong learning and professional development, we aim to be more than just a stepping stone to those entering the industry. We are committed to providing a meaningful, sustainable career path to those who join the Bayer team. Many Saudi nationals currently in managerial positions with us began as new graduates and rose through the ranks to take on senior roles. Through our Bayer Academy, we provide training and support to our employees as they grow their individual abilities, talents and strengths. Through thoughtfully designed developmental activities, we assist each of our employees to reach their full potential and keep up with the knowledge they need to excel in this ever-evolving industry.


At Bayer, we want to provide those with the passion to innovate with the opportunity to make their world-changing ideas reality. We work effectively and with impact by embracing four focus behaviours - collaboration, customer focus, trust and experimentation - to advance life for the good of the global community.

Our values of
Flexibility and


Our objectives and principles are guided by our values of LIFE: Leadership, Integrity, Flexibility and Efficiency. We foster a culture of innovation where our global team of experts can put their passion into practice, with a dialogue-oriented workplace based on trust, respect for inclusion and diversity, and equal opportunity.


Bayer is a place where employees can develop professionally, nurture a meaningful career and positively change the world with their work every day. We actively support lifelong learning, with the aim to empower all employees to broaden their knowledge and skills, keep up with industry innovations, and future-proof their careers.