An Ecosystem for The Ecosystem

Connected technology helps farmers care for the land and protect the environment.

A man is standing in a wheat field holding a tablet computer.

Farmers are in constant pursuit of data

From every planted seed, application of fertilizer, or change in weather, information is gathered. This includes satellites building forecasts, advanced sensors monitoring crops, and systems measuring water sprayed through a nozzle. Agricultural innovation is connected to the earth, building knowledge to support informed and thoughtful judgments. 


Similar to many 21st-century industries, agriculture faces the challenge of compatibility. The advanced technology used on the farm works well but could benefit by working better together. Like a smart thermostat reading daily forecasts, ag technology needs to adapt to the changing circumstances in the environment. From seeds to fertilizer to crop protection to tractors, everything must work in concert.

Farmers Are In Constant Pursuit of Data

When it comes to innovation, the next link is interconnection

Data scientists, software developers, and engineers are building more than one single piece of technology for agriculture. They are creating an entire suite of digital tools and integrated solutions. This array of interconnected technology is uncovering the nuances in each field by gathering data, helping reduce inputs, and supporting farmers as they seek to conserve natural resources.


Through a recent partnership with XAG — one of the largest agriculture drone service providers in the world — Bayer is working to advance digital farming and precision spraying in Japan. Using these drones, Japanese farmers are granted droplet-size control, increasing accuracy and reducing both water and pesticide use on the farm.


Other advancements — like satellites, sensors, and digital applications — are allowing farmers to make even more informed decisions. For example, FieldView™ is a digital platform enabling farmers to collect, store, and view field map data on their tablet or mobile device. By capturing key planting data in one location, farmers have access to insights that allow them to better understand their land.


This wealth of information, digital tools, and data are working as one to safeguard the environment. Tractors are speaking to drip irrigation systems, which are taking cues from sensors placed in the soil, which are responding to satellites forecasting the weather. Through smart technology, every piece of information is available and accessible to farmers — at any time, from any place.

The Next Step In Innovation Is Interconnection

By mastering the technical, agriculture is protecting the natural

The insights made possible by agricultural innovation are empowering farmers around the world to make more informed and conservation-minded decisions. As interconnectivity continues to advance, so will the responsibility of farmers to adopt a technological ecosystem that supports our planet’s natural ecosystem.


Because for this industry, innovation is at the heart of conservation.

By Mastering The Technical
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