Valpantena, Italy

Azienda Agricola Moranda

A row of green grape vines in a vineyard.

Innovation, from Grape Vine to Glass

In the famous area of DOC Valpolicella, Italy, the Capurso family produces wine varieties such as Valpolicella, Valpolicella Superiore, and Amarone, also known as “The Great Bitter” because of the partially dried grapes that help give the wine its full body and rich flavor. The Capurso’s strive to uphold the renowned legacy of the Veneto region wines by implementing modern farming techniques and respecting their surroundings. At the vineyard integrated crop management is a key pillar to produce high-quality wine grapes. Real-time information on changes in weather and soil moisture enables optimal irrigation and correct crop protection use. Smart digital traps provide real-time data on the population and dynamics of insect pests harmful to the vines and enable intervention only when needed. Monitoring of disease development and modern decision support systems ensure appropriate and timely control. Worker safety is highly prioritized with appropriate protective equipment. Biodiversity is promoted by habitat enhancement measures such as flowering strips and bird nesting boxes. The presence of bees is encouraged by fostering food availability and living space. Regular biodiversity monitoring takes place through the biodiversity Friend® certification.


  • Farm name and location: Azienda Agricola Moranda - Valpantena, near Verona, Italy

  • History: Farmed by the Capurso Family since 1896, owned by Nunzio Giovanni Capurso and his daughters, Camilla and Selene. 

  • Farm Size: 17 hectares

  • Primary crops: Wine Grapes, Cherries and Olives

  • Notable partnerships: Braglia, Bulzoni Meccanica, Mybatec, Pessl Instruments, World Biodiversity Association

A group of people stand in front of wooden barrels.
Being women, [my sister and I] pay a lot of attention to detail and add a feminine touch to the entire farm. We can share with our visitors the work that goes into each bottle of our wine, and how sustainable practices help us achieve a bountiful crop.
Selene Capurso

Learning is the Key to Progress

Azienda Agricola Moranda seized the opportunity to broaden its knowledge of safe and sustainable use of crop protection products and to adopt new improvement tools in an effort to fully commit to product stewardship. As part of the Bayer ForwardFarming initiative, with the collaboration of experts from Bayer and its partners, a practical training plan was implemented and more sustainable tools and techniques were increasingly employed. These actions included reorganization of crop protection product storage, instructions on the correct protective equipment and their use and maintenance methods, consulting the DressCode online platform and using easyFlow.


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