Bordeaux, France

Château Lamothe de Haux

An aerial view of a vineyard surrounded by trees.

Sustainably Producing Premium Grapes for Great Wines 

Damien Chombart, manager of Châteaux Lamothe de Haux, devotes a large part of his time to marketing his wines for export. He knows that his customers are very attentive to the respect of the environment in the management of the vines. Châteaux Lamothe de Haux is close to the Bordeaux metropolis. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages enjoy living in the vineyards and do not want nuisances. All actions implemented on the farm are in line with respect for the environment and the protection of employees. For example, the entire vineyard has been grassed between the rows of vines since the 1980s. This limits erosion and improves wine quality; however, the grass and weeds can compete with the vines for nutrients. To limit this the grass is frequently mowed and the bottom area of the vines is weeded. A special relationship has been established with the neighboring beekeepers to inform each other on upcoming vineyard and bee activities allowing the bees to safely collect nectar and pollen.


Damien Chombart strives to demonstrate that viable viticulture and winemaking can advance side by side with respect for the environment and people.

  • Location: Haux, near Bordeaux, France

  • History: Château Lamothe’s foundations date back to the 16th century. Since 1956, 4 generations of the family have managed Château Lamothe: the Perriquets, then the Néels, and now the Chombarts.

  • Farm size: 75 hectares 

  • Primary crops: Wine Grapes

  • Notable partnerships:  Berthoud, French Vine, and Wine Institute, Vitinnov, beekeeper

Two people stand in a wine cellar with wooden barrels.
At Château Lamothe in the commune of Haux in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyard, we cultivate 75 ha of vineyards on limestone-clay slopes. These grapes are directly processed on our estate where we produce 500,000 bottles a year. Our family has stewarded this estate for four generations, and sustainability has always been key. Our mother still welcomes guests and oversees the Château, while our daughter is the one who drew the logo for the bottle labels when she was five. We also named our main wine brand after her: Valentine. As a Bayer ForwardFarm, we have the opportunity to work with leading experts who help us to improve our farming practice in order to better protect the environment and increase our productivity.
Damien Chombart
Manager of Châteaux Lamothe de Haux

Data-driven Decisions to Protect the Vineyard

To optimize crop protection decision support tools are well established at Château Lamothe. Through Movida®, a mildew control tool for vineyards linked to local weather stations, the winegrowers can develop an epidemiological model for downy mildew and powdery mildew as well as a growth model for the vineyard. This system saves time, money, and supports the estate’s sustainability targets by providing tailored advice for effective disease control with minimum environmental impact.


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