Weeds steal sunlight, water, and nutrients from crops and are one of the biggest threats to a successful harvest. Bayer works to support farmers by providing a variety of tools to control weeds, protect harvests and foster biodiversity on their farms. There’s no single solution when it comes to controlling weeds, and growers need access to a diverse set of weed control tools and practices, including crop rotation, cover crops, and different herbicides.

For many years, Bayer has partnered with growers, weed scientists, and other agricultural stakeholders to implement integrated weed management (IWM) programs and promote a combination of diverse chemical and non-chemical methods.


Our goal is to provide farmers all over the world with new weed control solutions, programs, and services that support their strategies to prevent and control unwanted plants in the field. We are committed to furthering IWM and helping ensure that technologies can coexist, so growers have more choices in their toolbox.


Our Xtend System, with the accompanying dicamba-based XtendiMax herbicide, is one of Bayer’s newer offerings to help soybean and cotton growers control weeds, including Palmer amaranth (aka “pigweed”). An individual pigweed can grow to 10-feet tall and can produce half a million seeds that will infest farm fields if left uncontrolled. In fact, pigweeds can lead to 79 percent yield loss in soybeans if left uncontrolled.


XtendiMax was available to U.S. growers for the first time in the 2017 growing season. Since then, many U.S. soybean and cotton growers have added XtendiMax as one important component of their integrated weed management IWM programs. Since the product was launched in 2017, more than 90 percent of customers surveyed have reported satisfaction with the weed control XtendiMax has offered. Click here for videos of growers talking about their experience with XtendiMax.


XtendiMax has been extensively tested

Dicamba, the active ingredient in XtendiMax, was first approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1967 and has been used by growers, homeowners, and others to control weeds for decades. XtendiMax, which was approved for use by the EPA in 2016, is unique because it reduces the volatility potential of dicamba by 90 percent compared to the older dicamba products. This reduction in volatility enables soybean and cotton growers to use dicamba in new ways, adding another important tool to many growers’ IWM programs.


Before registering any herbicide, the EPA conducts comprehensive evaluations of all relevant science to create appropriate and protective product label requirements. The EPA approved XtendiMax in November 2016 after years of exhaustive scientific review and evaluation. In October 2020, the EPA extended the registration of XtendiMax for five years, ensuring that growers continue to have access to this important tool through the 2025 season. The registration extension reaffirms that this tool is vital for growers and can continue to be used safely according to label directions.


According to the EPA: "After reviewing substantial amounts of new information, conducting scientific assessments based on the best available science, and carefully considering input from stakeholders we have reached a resolution that is good for our farmers and our environment."


In collaboration with academics and other experts, we continue to test and build on the robust scientific data behind this technology. We are collaborating with 12 university programs throughout North America on large-scale drift and volatility field and “low-tunnel” trials. We are also providing grants and sponsorships to many Land Grant Universities to support research, education, and understanding of dicamba. Click here for an overview of our field trials and other research being conducted with university scientists.


Ongoing training and stewardship support

Every new technology introduction gives us the opportunity to engage farmers, learn from them, answer their questions, and help ensure they can use our products to the full potential. We are constantly striving to improve and bring greater satisfaction to our customers every season.


We take our stewardship responsibility very seriously when introducing any new technology, and we will continue to offer trainings, resources, and other support to help ensure farmers can use this technology even more successfully going forward.


Since 2018, Bayer has trained more than 85,000 growers and certified applicators, helping to ensure label compliance and successful on-target applications. We continue to look for new ways to introduce more training options, including online modules, live webinars, and in-person training events. Click here for more information about our training and other support.


In addition to training, we have taken a variety of steps in recent years to help our customers use XtendiMax successfully, including launching the RRXtend Spray App, the “Spray Early with Confidence” program, the “Find an Applicator” tool, and several online resources, as well as continuing to offer the 1-844-RR-XTEND technical support call center. Click here for more information about these resources.


Bayer stands fully behind this technology

Ensuring farmers have the technology they need is our top priority. XtendiMax is a valuable tool, especially at a time when farmers need more options to tackle increased weed resistance. 


We are committed to bringing innovations like XtendiMax forward to help farmers safely, successfully, and sustainably protect their crops from weeds, and we will continue to look for new solutions. Our Xtend System will continue to evolve and play an important role in Bayer’s crop protection portfolio going forward.