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Bayer // Global

Dr. Jacqueline Applegate

Head of Commercial Operations North America

Jackie_Applegate_0.jpg Dr. Jacqueline (Jackie) Applegate serves as President, Crop Science, North America and is a member of the Crop Science Executive Leadership Team. As a transformative leader, Jackie has an exceptional track record of driving commercial success, building high-performing teams and incubating breakthrough innovation, most recently in her role as the head of Environmental Science and Vegetable Seeds.


Jackie’s career at Bayer began in 1992, and since, she has held leadership positions all over the world. Most recently, Jackie has served as Bayer’s President of Environmental Science (ES), a position she's held since 2015, and as the Culture and Change Management Lead for the Bayer/Monsanto integration. Immediately before her role leading ES, she served as the Senior Bayer Representative (SBR) for Australia and New Zealand. Her previous positions at Bayer include President of Environmental Science North America, Vice President of Environmental Science Consumer Products, and Head of Global Project Management. Jackie graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Wright State University, earned her master's degree from Rockhurst College and holds a doctorate degree in organic chemistry from Iowa State University. She enjoys serving on the board of multiple philanthropic, community and business organizations, and enjoys traveling and spending time with her son, Matthew.