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Inspiration for Tomorrow’s Agricultural Leaders

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At Bayer, we’re working with the next generation of leaders to shape a future where farms can reduce carbon emissions, raise communities out of poverty, and protect our natural resources.


Like farmers, Bayer thinks in terms of generations. We have a responsibility to use the expertise of today’s leaders to help develop the minds and the interests of tomorrow’s leaders and help support young students’ interest in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Our progress starts with programs that promote agricultural and science education.


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Youth Ag Summit

Ingenuity drives human progress. It sparks the breakthroughs needed to address the world’s biggest challenges, like using fewer natural resources to feed a hungry planet. New innovations are needed that take into account the day-to-day realities of farming, agricultural production, and food consumption. 


As the agricultural leaders of tomorrow, we believe that our young leaders need to be at the forefront of these efforts. And the Youth Ag Summit is their platform.


The Youth Ag Summit is a biennial event which brings together 100 young adults from all over the world. Past summits have been hosted in Canada, Australia, Belgium, and Brazil. Applications for the 2021 summit will open at the end of 2020.


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Youth Ag Summit 2019 | Closing video

Baylab — Bayer’s School Laboratories

Baylab is an immersive experience where students learn about chemistry and biology with practical and professionally prepared experiments and learning programs. Participants carry out various activities, from isolating the genetic matter from an onion to learning about the origin and diagnosis of hereditary diseases. And all are encouraged to put their scientific knowledge into practice, running complex experiments and analyzing the results.


Bayer currently offers 18 Baylab locations in 12 different countries, hosting 150,000 visitors per year worldwide.


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Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agriculture Science

Named after crop science pioneer, Jozef Schell, the Jeff Schell Scholarship for Agriculture Science launched in May 2014. The scholarship supports students with new ideas in agricultural innovations to help provide ample, nutritious and safe food for a growing world population. 


University students, aged 18-28, from German-speaking countries looking to study abroad or international students looking to study in Germany are eligible to apply. Up to €300,000 in funds are available for special study courses, individual laboratory assignments, summer schools, research classes, internships, or Master’s or PhD theses in various fields.


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