Forward-Focused, Customer-Focused

Bayer’s mission is founded on our belief that science and innovation are critical to meeting some of the world’s most pressing challenges and those of the future – just as we have helped address these challenges for nearly 160 years. Now more than ever, our focus remains on serving our loyal customers and our mission.


Recently, Bayer entered into a series of agreements that will substantially resolve outstanding legacy Monsanto litigation, including an agreement in the U.S. Roundup™ product liability litigation that will bring closure to the vast majority of the current Roundup™ product liability claims, while also establishing a framework to resolve the remainder of the litigation.


Bayer strongly stands behind the safety and utility of its products. We know that Roundup™ has been the cornerstone of weed management programs, and we want to emphasize that your access to our products remains unchanged.


Resolving this litigation is not a contradiction to our belief in the safety of our products. Glyphosate-based herbicides are among the most rigorously studied products of their kind in the world. This agreement returns the conversation about the safety and utility of our products to the hands of regulators and scientists, and away from the jury trial setting.


This is the right decision for our company, for our employees and for customers like you. We considered our options thoroughly before making this decision, and concluded that this is the best outcome for our company. Further, this agreement will enable us to refocus our energy, time, and effort on our commitments to our customers, our products, and the communities in which we operate.


We value your trust in Roundup™ and we recognize the important benefits these products bring to our customers around the world. Moreover, we are committed to continue bringing innovations to market and are investing over US$5 billion in the research and development of new technologies for weed management over the next decade.


Roundup™ remains a key tool for customers like you who rely on our products to help foster healthy environments where people live, work and play. We recognize that these products are vital tools for creating and maintaining healthy outdoor spaces and business.


Bayer is, and will remain, a place for people who want to be at the forefront of science and innovation, and we will always be here to support your needs. Our Environmental Science team is driven by our contribution to society, the value added for our customers, and what inspires us as employees.



Jacqueline Applegate
President of Environmental Science
& Global Vegetable Seeds



Mark Schneid
Head of Environmental Science,
Region Americas


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