Carmona, Spain

Hacienda Las Cardenas

An aerial view of a farm and field.

Crop Diversity in the Heart of Andalusia

Hacienda Las Cardenas lies in the heart of Andalusia, in the Guadalquivir river valley basin known for the Mediterranean triad: wheat, olives and vine grapes. The Valdenebro family cultivates an even broader variety of crops. They believe that crop diversification allows them to keep their soil healthy and stabilize farm income. However, farming challenges are ample, especially with regard to water availability. With the Bayer FowardFarming initiative, the family sees a great opportunity to further shape their ambition to create a truly sustainable farm environment, while further increasing modern agricultural practices.

  • Farm name and location: Hacienda Las Cardenas – Carmona, Spain.

  • History: Owned and farmed by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the Valdenebro family since the mid-20th century.

  • Farm size: 1.000 hectares.

  • Primary crops: Tomatoes, wheat, cotton, corn, quinoa, sunflowers, oranges, olives.

  • Notable partnerships: University of Cordoba, Biodiversity Node, and Bioteus.

A man stands under a tree in front of a vineyard.
Sustainable agriculture is the perfect balance between the farmer and respect for the environment. In other words, by taking care of our environment, we as farmers are able to obtain sufficient yields from our crops to make our farm profitable.
Patricio Valdenebro
Valdenebro family Co-Manager

Water Works in Harmony at Las Cárdenas 

For the Valdenebro Family, innovation is fundamental for meeting the future. Their partnership with BFF has provided customized solutions that meet the needs of their business, especially when it comes to essential savings in water consumption.  

Thanks to the use of Climate FieldviewTM they actively monitor which areas of the farm have irrigation deficiencies and increase water supply to those places, while reducing unnecessary water consumption elsewhere on the farm.  

A Phytobac® system is used on the farm to further water conservation efforts; with this system the team is able to filter water used in treatment and reuse it free of phytopharmaceutical residues.  

By maintaining and protecting a natural stream on the property, Hacienda Las Cárdenas can maintain a careful harmony with the flora and fauna on their land. The bodies of water help to increase natural vegetation which in turn encourages reptile and amphibian populations.  

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